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Are those sticking on?

No, are not they naturally. They are completely harmless for humans. Which a computer virus is exact, you can reread with us in the glossary. As owners of computer you should make its computer available the necessary Tools, so that it can protect itself against worms and viruses.

The following steps are necessary:

In order to achieve the groesstmoeglichsten protection for your computer, you need three components.

  • an anti-virus protection program e.g. Norton anti-virus 2004

  • a Firewall configured well. This can be a soft or a hardware Firewall.
    We recommend one to you let us rout.

  • all current updates of Microsoft.

These measure names are absolutely necessary for a smooth and troublefree enterprise of your computer.

We recommend the following products to you:
  • Norton anti-virus 2006

    This program supplies exclusively an adequate protection before viruses and worms. Here still no Firewall (more info. in the glossary) is integrated. They know this software very well with one rout operate.

  • Norton InterNet Security 2006

    Additionally to Norton anti-virus offers this program a Firewall, to anti-Spam a protection (more info. in the glossary) for your enamels and it a suitable child protection is provided.

  • Norton InterNet Security 2006 Prof.

    same extent as Norton InterNet Security 2004, however gives it here still another anti to Dailer protection for all modem or ISDN user above drauf. In addition it more Einstellungsmoeglichkeitn for the trained user gives.

  • What is it for routs its?

    This question is not completely easy to answer. There are many manufacturers to now count too around all this on. Come nevertheless for a aussfuehrliches consulting discussion into our specialist shop into Heddesheim. There further details can be clarified.

If you should encounter difficulties with the installation, ask us for our favorable overall service offers.

We freun us on it.

Heddesheim, 2024.6.22 at 15:12




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