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You are here: PRIVATE CUSTOMERS - Skill of Select IT

What can we do for you?

On services oriented

With SelectIT partner economical qualified by small and middle IT systems a reliable, experienced, and stands for the users for the support and optimization of their IT structure in the range Windows Client/server environment for order, "Dienstleistung in the interest of the Kunden" as the maxim of his enterprise strategy and his acting pursues.


for the effective support of the availability of the Backoffice systems of its customers uses SelectIT most modern software technology, in particular for software distribution and avails themselves a support center, that the achievements the support services

  • how short term reaction
  • remote maintenance
  • remote support user oriented response times,

how they are in detail described also in the descriptions of our products, only makes possible.


the team of SelectIT offers services to you for all phases of your IT project - from planning over the implementation up to the later operating support including the project management. Straight in the latter phase the sicherstellung of high availability and the current optimization of the existing IT infrastructure play a special role. This is a further emphasis of our know-how.


of many years and high technical know-how, which are to all users by bundling in the support center in same and efficient form at the disposal, have experience the coworkers of SELECT IT. In order to be able to correspond however to all customer requirements at any time, SelectIT works

  • to reconciliation of need points,
  • for adherence to reaction and of the periods of operation and
  • for the engagement and production of completely specific knowledge

with selected partners together. These work after the same principles in the interest of the user as SelectIT; they are subject to the same requirements to the qualification as the own coworkers.

We look forward to be allowed to welcome also you as our customer. Use our form for contact and inform you us about the service wished by you.

The SelectIT team looks forward to your message!

Heddesheim, 2024.7.13 at 15:59




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