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Just what you've searched for: services at Select IT

Entering inheritance guessing

very gladly we advise you personally with all important decisions approximately around your entrance in the computer and InterNet world. So will it for it completely simply to decide for the exactly correct hard and software. Because we would like that you are content.

Resuming services

you know each other already well with computers out? Also then we can offer some to you: Valuable Tipps to programs, important information for new products, current News from the computer industry.


Become ever more important to network mechanism of networks also within the private sector. Whether now verkabelt or over radio in the WLAN: With networks it can be surfen marvelously in the InterNet, printers can by different computers be used, players had simply more fun.

We are experts in the mechanism and care of networks. Ask us, we have exactly the correct for you.

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