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You are here: PRIVATE CUSTOMERS - Second Hand

It does not have to be always new !

Within this range we offer a platform to you to the purchase of used computer accessories. If you are a registered customer with SELECT IT, you can use this platform also for the sales of your parts.

Their advantage

After the documentation we submit each equipment to an extensive function test. The hardware is divided by us into different quality classes. Defective components are repaired or exchanged. Computers are rig/disarmed, standardized, divided into individual parts u.s.w. By this procedure our customers can make sure that they get the expected quality supplied.

Where can I look at myself the parts?

In our specialist shop in Heddesheim the articles which can be sold are available for you for the opinion. Convince yourselves of quality of the products.
Or you select here in the Second hand range in the menu the category to it the looked for equipment fit. The articles are represented as a rule with a detailed description and a picture. If information to you should be missing, call us nevertheless simply, or write a E-Mail.

How can I buy something?

If you selected yourselves equipment in the InterNet, visit us in Heddesheim in our ladengeschaeft. There the desired equipment is available for you for the collection.
We let the equipment supply you also gladly home or to the company.

Thank you
PS.: Derzeit gibt es 5 gebrauchte Artikel in unserem Secondhand Bereich.

Heddesheim, 2024.5.21 at 8:26




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