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Allways on duty: the support of SelectIT

Successfully use professional assistance in the Backoffice

Surrounding field you in the BackOffice surrounding field of its enterprise Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000, terminal servers and Citrix MetaFrame. For problems your users turn to your internal HelpDesk department. But whom ask you, if this any longer cannot help? We look forward to be able to support you competently because SELECT IT offers professional support and service in the entire BackOffice surrounding field to you. We support you approximately with all your questions around NT/2000 server and workstation, system management server, Exchange server, SQL server, InterNet information server, proxy server, SNA server and cluster server.

In the support center expects you You
  • receive telephone problem collection working-day Monday until Friday from 9.00 - 17,00 o'clock.
  • Guaranteed response time of max. two hours. Under normal conditions a specialist recalls you within fewer minutes and calls you the solution or expenditure and date, to when we can work on your problem. Support specialists with high technical know-how and Erfahrung.In of many years a rotary system engage themselves our coworkers equally in the support -, Consulting -, project and training range.
  • Transparent and simple price structure. They pay a firm amount for each to support unit.
  • Remote support by ISDN (optional). When desired our support coworker administers your network, after you in-selected yourselves with us by ISDN, and shows your administrator under its supervision, how you can solve the problem.
  • Suburb service (optional). Gladly our Consulting specialists come also to you into the house, help you locally and/or advise you in detail with strategic and operational decisions in the BackOffice surrounding field.
The SelectIT remote support

as functions the SELECT IT remote maintenance system and which advantages arises in the case of support?

They make a PC available with a ISDN map, which in your network as support PC for remote support by SELECT IT serves in your enterprise. The ISDN configuration is implemented in such a way for data security reasons that from your enterprise only out-selected, nobody can in-select itself however from the outside into your network. In the case of support one of your administrators develops a connection from your service PC to the SELECT IT support network after telephone advance notice.

Now the SELECT IT support coworker asks you for release for example a certain Administrationstools on your service PC. Their administrator releases this application for remote support and can now at its screen pursue completely exactly and control, the SELECT IT support coworker accomplishes which work.

By this several times secured remote maintenance system it is ensured that

  • Their support PC against strange accesses is from the outside protected,
  • a support connection only from your side to be opened can, the SELECT IT support coworker only with the applications released by you for these a meeting work may,
  • its administrators each individual work procedure to pursue be able and thus the elimination of errors to reconstruct be able to be able to solve in order to be future able, arising similar problems independently.

If you have further questions to the SELECT IT support center or interest in a support contract, then you our selling is subordinate gladly for the order

06203/403 819

Heddesheim, 2024.6.22 at 14:36




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